Petition Saying NO to Irradiated Blueberries!

FSANZ wants to irradiate blueberries and raspberries!

Sign the Petition to say NO!



One thought on “Petition Saying NO to Irradiated Blueberries!


    Irradiation is a safety hazard to consumer health. Every consumer has the right to make decisions that support our health.

    It is totally unnecessary to irradiate fresh blueberries and raspberries to prolong shelf life. Consumers are more likely to leave these on the shelf in preference to healthier options. Refrigeration or freezing are sound methods of storage that don’t risk contamination through deceptive appearances of old produce that appears fresh.

    FSANZ has a responsibility to support and protect consumer interests by rejecting applications that do not support consumer health and welfare. Labelling laws must also ensure full disclosure of irradiated produce on food labels. Many consumers prefer to pay more for pure food. One recent example I can provide: I will not buy garlic unless I know it is locally grown and free of toxins and contaminants from irradiation. As opposed to the cheaper imported $7.99 kg garlic, I bought, instead, a smaller quantity of local garlic and paid $69.99 for this… it cost me $5 for the amount I purchased. Otherwise, faced with the possibility of the imported stuff being irradiated, I would have chosen to do without.


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