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RSPCA Australia Supports Ban on Irradiated Pet Foods

Cat eating a meal Carsondelake [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

RSPCA Australia has supported a ban on irradiation of cat pet food and is opposed to pet food irradiation generally: RSPCA Australia’s position is that pet food should not be irradiated. Currently there is a ban on the irradiation of imported cat food and we commend the Minister for implementing this ban. This ban followed scientific evidence and the recent ‘Orijen cats’… Read more »

Research from Adelaide University Finds Food Labelling Inaquate

Nutritional information and ingredient lists on labelling are strongly regulated.  However, claims of ethical standards are not regulated by the government.  Free Range standards for example, do exist, however they are not regulated by government and one Free Range standard may mean quite a different thing to another Free Range standard. Senior research associate Dr Heather Bray of Adelaide University said a… Read more »