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Food irradiation is a cleanup technology used to cut costs and cover up industry’s poor management practices, including fruit fly control. On their behalf, our governments want to remove the present requirement to label so you are ignorant of irradiated foods and their impacts.

Irradiated fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are all now labelled so you know they are processed, not fresh. But the food regulator (FSANZ) and the Food Forum (Ministers of all state, territory and NZ governments) fear you will not buy irradiated food if it is labelled.

FSANZ and the Food Forum already approved 24 fruits and vegetables for radiation energy exposure of at least 1.5 million chest x-rays. Apple, apricot, bread fruit, capsicum, carambola, cherry, custard apple, honeydew, litchi, longan, mango, mangosteen, nectarine, papaya (paw paw), peach, persimmon, plum, rambutan, rockmelon, scallopini, strawberry, table grape, tomato, zucchini (courgette) are approved. Blueberries and raspberries are next.

This ‘nuclear cooking’ controls fruit fly worms and extends shelf life. It can also neutralise but not remove some food contaminants. But some vitamins and nutrients are affected while, at some radiation doses, toxins and carcinogens may be created. Mystery still surrounds the irradiated feed that killed and maimed many Australian cats, and is now banned. 

Most other countries require irradiated food labels, prescribe label wordings and are not reviewing their requirements. Aussies and Kiwis must not be kept in the dark.

To make a more personal comment to FSANZ by March 29, 2016. Use any format but mark your comments: “Submission on Rec 34: Review required labelling of irradiated foods”. More info:

7 thoughts on “Label All Irradiated Foods – Be Part of the Campaign!

  1. G-Bracks

    Your greed, your cheating, your mismanagement, your poisons. Shove all that where the sun don’t shine instead of force feeding us all your bullshit do keep enriching yourselves at the cost of our health.

  2. Rina francis

    I believe it is a basic human right in a “democratic society “that we should have the choice of whether or not we wish to purchase irradiated products and not be forced into a situation where we have know knowledge of what we are purchasing and by default are forced unknowingly into buying products we don’t want to consume. It’s about choice and that’s the one thing we have left as a democratic society which is slowly but surely being eroded by the people who think THEY know what’s better for me and I’m not allowed to make my own choice. It’s dictatorship there’s no other word for it.

  3. Julie-Anne Jones

    As a responsible government, please do everything in your power to make the labelling on our foods clear. We need to know exactly what we’re eating and how it’s been made and processed, including details about irradiation!

  4. Leslie Henderson

    Non-labelling of irradiated foods is yet another unacceptable travesty of human rights. I would never knowingly purchase such food and strongly object to myself and others being secretly fed such food.

  5. sam

    I am completely against this but i was under the impression that all irridated food must be labelled. Has something changed??

    My grapes, strawberries, apples…. well basically everything has been lasting too long in the fridge… a two werk old strawberry shouldnt look edible. When they are picked fresh they only last 3 days…

    Thanks for your time


    1. Max Riethmuller

      It doesn’t need to be labelled, but has to have a sign in the vicinity of where the produce is being sold. It’s a bit slack and undefined. FSANZ are reviewing whether even that is necessary. We oppose this and want better labelling than currently exists.


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