Thanks to Canidae Pet Food: Proudly Irradiation Free

Cats and dogs have died in Australia and the USA as a result of irradiated food. Congratulations to Australian pet food manufacturer, Canidae, for being irradiation free. Pet food companies in the US are also now following suit, with increased awareness of the danger to pets from eating irradiated food.

Art Ryan's cats became ill after eatring irradiated food.

Art Ryan’s cats became ill after eating irradiated food.

“the FDA said it will begin testing treats to see whether irradiation of the products may have contributed to reports of treat-related problems ranging from diarrhea and vomiting to kidney failure, Fanconi syndrome and death.

In 2009, the Australian government halted irradiation used to sterilize cat food after reports of paralysis and other problems appeared to be linked to the process. Ninety cats were sickened, of which 30 died, according to press reports at the time.”

Art Ryan, right, told the Newcastle Herald that, ” it was disturbing that the packaging had not been labelled to warn buyers it had been irradiated. “I think there are good reasons to insist that irradiated food be properly labelled, whether it’s for pets or people,” he said.”


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One thought on “Thanks to Canidae Pet Food: Proudly Irradiation Free

  1. Judith Strachan

    Just a note, Canidae is actually a USA company, not Australian. Their food is not the only one to come to Australia and not get irradiated. None of the Artemis Pet Foods are irradiated either, they also come in from the USA and have never in the history of the company had a recall of any of their products.


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