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Labelling Review: Irradiated Food will remain LABELLED


The moratorium on food irradiation in Aus & NZ was lifted in 1999. Since that time, the community has been in constant campaign mode: trying (unsuccessfully) to stop a nuclear irradiation facility at Narangba/Deception Bay- then trying (also generally unsuccessfully) to stop food irradiation approvals (this is ongoing!) and more recently- trying to stop the push to remove labelling requirements…. Read more »

Who wants to keep Aussies in the dark about food irradiation?


Food Irradiation: “It is now well established that irradiation does affect certain vitamins and other nutrients and does produce peroxides and other radiolytic by-products, some of which may be toxic and/or carcinogenic, and that these effects are dose related. “The available scientific evidence supports the use of irradiation as a biosecurity treatment for pet food only in exceptional circumstances. It… Read more »

Food Irradiation Labelling Under Threat


Your say: should irradiated food be labelled? Despite labelling being the global norm and the public demand for labelling, the government is considering removing mandatory labelling requirements for irradiated food.   Make a Submission Now!  Tell the Government NO to removing labelling! CLICK HERE Ministers responsible for food regulation have asked Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to review Standard… Read more »

The 10 Facts You Should Know About Food Irradiation


Click each point for a full explanation: 1. Despite their appearance, irradiated fruits and vegetables are processed, not fresh. 2. As irradiation is invisible, without labelling, consumers will have no way to discern whether or not a product has been irradiated. Consumers will be misled into believing irradiated food is fresh or unprocessed. 3. Consumers have strong opinions on irradiated produce and expect… Read more »

The Facts on Food Irradiation and Labelling – Why You Should Be Concerned


What is food irradiation? Irradiation is the process of exposing food ionising irradiation to intentionally alter some characteristics of the produce to achieve extended shelf life and/or pest destruction. Numerous scientific studies have exposed the harmful effects of food irradiation. Irradiation causes vitamin and amino acid depletion in food. It changes the molecular structure of food potentially forming toxic chemicals linked… Read more »

Should irradiated food be labelled?


Ministers responsible for food regulation have asked Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to review Standard 1.5.3 – Irradiation of Food, specifically to: assess the need for the mandatory labelling requirement for all irradiated food to continue, and assess whether there is a more effective approach to communicate the safety and benefits of irradiation to consumers. Our thoughts: The irradiation… Read more »